Standard Cell Range

Flexographic printing industry standard cell. Using the FibreOptic ultra System this guarantees maxi-mum cell consistency and volume control.


The Fibre Optic Ultra Engraving System has a unique pulse method allowing multi-burn of the Anilox cell resulting in consistent cell shape and improved release characteristics.

Increased Anilox cell release with the Fibre Optic Ultra Engraving system.

Improved Anilox Cell volume transfer and optimised cell opening for use with High Definition plate technology.

Our Anilox rollers and sleeves offer improved press speeds. Reduced doctor blade wear. Longer use without cleaning maintenance. Improved durability.


You can download our Cell Volume Range in PDF format by clicking the button below.

Cell Volume Ranges

Anilox Rollers

Rollers can be constructed in Steel, Aluminium, or Stainless Steel with a lightweight tube construction for easier handling. Our construction methods are fully guaranteed. All our Anilox rollers and Sleeves offer improved press speeds. Reduced doctor blade wear. Reduced cleaning cycles. Improved durability.

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