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The Anilox roller or sleeve is one of the most important parts of the Flexographic print or coating process. It is vital for the Printer to get the ink/coating volume transfer at its optimum.
Nano anilox technology has been developed to help the Flexographic printer to increase the uses of just one Anilox Cell/Volume specification. Anilox Nano TechAnilox roller/sleeve inventories can be streamlined therefore reducing downtime changing Anilox rollers or sleeves for different print applications.

The Nano Anilox Technology will give an extended print run time which will decrease the need for Anilox cleaning. The unique cell structure also allows better resistance to doctor blade scoring/marking.

Nano Anilox technology incorporates a cell geometry that allows maximum cell volume release whilst keeping the cell opening to depth ratio at a minimum. This means that a high line count can be achieved and still deliver a high volume transfer. This unique and exclusive system has been developed with the printer in mind by Anilox Laser Technology Ltd.

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Our simple reference shows you how easy Nano Anilox Technology can be for your applications.

  • For full 4/6 colour process print
  • For tone, vignette, and fine line text
    anilox laser
  • For standard text, reverse, and small solid areas
  • For solid print, heavy flood/coating applications, varnish


Anilox Rollers

Rollers can be constructed in Steel, Aluminium, or Stainless Steel with a lightweight tube construction for easier handling. Our construction methods are fully guaranteed. All our Anilox rollers and Sleeves offer improved press speeds. Reduced doctor blade wear. Reduced cleaning cycles. Improved durability.

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